Jesus Apprenticeship

About the Apprenticeship

The Jesus Apprenticeship is Vineyard’s 12-month program designed to help you better live out the teachings of Jesus as given in the Sermon on the Mount. We believe that all Scripture pertaining to holiness and spiritual transformation (what Jesus calls each Christian to) in the Bible, is summarized and distilled into this sermon. The Apprenticeship is our best and most current model on how to actualize the new way of living, that’s authentic and full of freedom in Jesus. In this booklet we will be discussing Vineyard’s simple spiritual growth process we call E.G.T. Then we’ll discuss the problem of life that Jesus came to solve, his solution that he gives us in the Sermon on the Mount, an explanation of our Jesus Apprenticeship program, and finally a few words about the Transformational Actions that we will be practicing. The Apprenticeship includes a monthly meeting, a weekly Small Group commitment, and a daily opportunity to practice Transformational Actions. You can sign-up for the program here on-line or by picking up the paperwork/booklet at the Vineyard.