The Vineyard Movement is steeped in music, and Vineyard of Fremont County is no different. We recognize that the Psalms is the longest book of the Bible and it is devoted to poetry and song. We love to take time at all of our gatherings to sing songs not just about God, but to Him as well. We strive for our times of worship to be an authentic experience of the Holy Spirit, full of freedom to be yourself, and ultimately glorifying God. Whether you sing in a choir, or only in your shower when no one is home, we invite you to be a part of our family of worshipers!


We love to watch the Holy Spirit do His thing through our prayer. The Apostle Paul speaks to the need to pray at all times in all sorts ways in the book of Ephesians. So at VCF, we do. We pray at all of our gatherings, all of our small groups, all of our staff meetings, and so on and so forth. We believe there is power in prayer. We love to see the Holy Spirit speak, heal, and provide for His children when we ask. We believe that when we pray, we speak to our creator. And we believe that prayer has a lot less to do with getting God to do what we want, and a lot more with connecting to the persons of the Trinity in relationship.

The Word

At VCF we hold the Bible in high esteem. It is the living Word and speaks to us in every moment of our life. But we don’t think the Bible is a textbook to be picked apart and taught with a pop-quiz. Instead, we believe the Bible is the story of God’s people, culminating in the coming of his son Jesus, and finishing with a promise that He is returning to bring His glory fully to this universe. So when we apply the teachings of the Bible to our lives, we do it in such a way that joins into the context of this incredible story. We encourage folks to bring their Bibles to church, to study them on their own or in groups, and to let the Bible encourage them in whatever incredible adventure God is leading them into!


The Vineyard is not a church that believes in being inward-focused. As Kirk Yamaguchi would say when he planted our church, “we don’t want to be a bunch of puppies licking each other.” But, we do believe that in order to be an invitational people, we must allow Christ to encourage, convict, and challenge us throughout our journey in His Kingdom. So, we create moments in our community for people to hang out and encourage each other through things like mentorship programs, small church, reconciliation events, and short-term/long-term service project trips. We also love people getting to know Jesus better through spiritual formation exercises and retreats! so We encourage folks to take the time to rest, unplug, and refuel through spiritual disciplines like fasting and spending extended periods of time in silence.


We are a church that exists to invite people into a new way of living that’s full of freedom and only found in Jesus. So, we constantly invite people into the Kingdom journey through events, friendships, work relationships, and those moments when you’re fishing on the river or riding a bike in the mountains and you strike up a conversation with a fellow enthusiast. You never know when God might give you the opportunity to invite someone into a new life with Jesus. But, we don’t think this invitational life is a “turn or burn” way of living. Rather, it is a way of looking at life through the lens of newness. We believe that deep down inside, God has put a garden in every human heart. And every time we interact with someone, we have the opportunity to plant seeds of encouragement, joy, and freedom. And when we do this, God grows them into trees that seek the nourishment of the Holy Spirit. This is why Vineyard Church of Fremont County is here. To see the seeds of the Kingdom planted in the hearts of everyone we meet. And the more we do this, the more encouraging our county becomes.

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